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Kristy & Link’s country wedding

When I first talked to Kristy it was clear to me that she wanted to spend as much time with her family and friends as possible, even a 1 hour photo tour was out of the question. So I asked her if she was interested in doing all the photos before the ceremony so they didn’t have to do it after. CAN WE DO THAT ? was her reply. Of course we can it is you’r special day. It is all about finding out what is important for the Bride & Groom and work it in so they still get everything they dreamed of.

It is impossible not to be smitten by Kristy’s bubbly, lets have some fun nature and Link’s easy going, solid as a rock attitude(They actually change the date of the wedding and Kristy went to a fishing comp. with her bestie the day she first had booked in) You gotta love the spirit, she must be any fisherman’s dream girl.

The wedding was at their property at Oakey Valley, Atherton Tablelands, they had spend months preparing for it and it was a truely stylish country wedding.
As I was driving there I was thinking, that bush fire is really close, and sure enough the hills around them was all on fire, it was very smokey indeed.
But they took it in true Aussie style and we got on with it, we went to the creek and old yards for some couple photos, and went back to their place were close family and the bridal party was waiting for the formal photos.

Kristy and Link was wed by Celebrant Cheryl Tonkin with a smokey, red sunset gloving around them.It was an awesome night.

PS. Link left in the early hours of the night and spend the next 2 days fighting the fire with his best man and groomsmen, he was back just in time to get on the plane for their honeymoon in Thailand.
Thanks for letting me be a part of this special day.




Lee-Ann & John’s Yungaburra wedding at Lake Eacham Hotel

So finally here I am starting up a blog on my website. I don’t know why it too me so long but I am super exited about it. I am starting it, with my latest wedding. Actually the first wedding of year 2016 YIPPEE… the wedding season is started.

Lee- Ann and John got married in the beautiful garden at Lake Eacham Hotel in the historic Yungaburra village. What a place to get married, it is really really romantic and idyllic.

3 days before the wedding I was talking to John and he was saying that Lee-Ann was very stressed about the weather ( it was raining and the forecast didn’t look too good) I assured John that either way it was going to be a fantastic day, and we could get some really cool rain photos so try no to  stress too much.

I woke up to rainy weather and packed all the rain weather gear, off camera lighting, tripods, rain coats for me and my camera, umbrellas ect. As I drove into Yungaburra I was meet with the most beautiful sunshine.

The ceremony had been set up for inside, but suddenly the place was buzzing, out came the chairs and voila everything was ready for the -planned garden wedding.

At 3 pm Lee- Ann’s son Samuel walked her up the isle to diderigoo/bagpipe music to give her away to John who was waiting in his kilt. It was a very emotional ceremony with a few teary eyes. It was just beautiful.

After the ceremony we went over to the park and got some bridal party photos with Lee-Ann’s brother’s Harley Davidson, it was just awesome.

I always arrive early to my weddings and go exploring the area a bit. This time I went to lake Barrine so when we finished the photos with the bridal party we went to the lake to get a bit of couple photos. The green grass, cloudy sky, beautiful trees and Lake Barrine in the background just made for stunning photos. All the best for the future to Lee-Ann and John.


Jessica & Thomas’s Wedding at Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland

Leading up to Jessi & Tom’s wedding was some very rainy days, and even though we where praying for some beautiful sunshine the weather gods had very different plans.

Actually the day started just a little over cast but other wise ok, so Jessi and Tom decided to have the ceremony at Lake Eacham as originally planned. So they had it all set up, guests was on the way in bus from Atherton. And here we go, the sky opened up and it bucketed down. All plans changed, ceremony got set up in the marquee in Jess’s parents garden.

My camera was put a side for a bit to give way to a hair dryer, so I could get the groomsmen dry for the ceremony. But all good we got there and Jess & Tom tied the knot in front of all their family and friends.

Jessi & Tom was so cool about it all they were just amazing all smiles and pure happiness such a beautiful couple.

After the ceremony we still made a run for it and headed out to lake each to get a couple of photos. It still rained, so I had to get a bit creative with the shooting.

The photo’s turned out amazing very unique with rain, umbrellas and the light from the vintage cars.

Jessica & Thomas blog-3 Jessica & Thomas blog-4Jessica & Thomas blog-15 Jessica & Thomas blog-16 Jessica & Thomas blog-17 Jessica & Thomas FB-1


Jessica & Thomas blog-5

Jessica & Thomas blog-1


Stacey & Thomas’s Palm Cove wedding

Stacey and Thomas chose to get married at the amazing Alamanda chapel in Palm Cove. The chapel is overlooking the beach. when the weather is good they open up all the doors and it feels like you are right there on the beach but with the safety net of a roof, in case of a rainy day.

Stacey was all organised and we got some amazing bridal preparation photos, she is just so beautiful and happy.

After the ceremony we did some bridal party photos at the beach ad around the resort. They had priviuosly asked to got to the Palm Cove jetty to get some photos taken on the rocks ad around the jetty. Just look at the love between the two of them, they are just gorgeous.

It was another amazing day at palm cove.Stacey & Thomas colage blog-1 

Stacey & Thomas colage blog-2
Stacey & Thomas colage blog-3 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-4 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-5 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-6 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-7 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-8 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-9 Stacey & Thomas colage blog-10